Dec 18, 2009

Married 65 Years


  1. Victoria

    Beautiful. I hope that’s me in as many years.

  2. C+D

    DUDE. This is by far the sweetest thing i’ve seen all day. No joke, we got a little choked up. :)

  3. Rachel

    Wow. What an inspiration to the enduring joy of love!

  4. Lara

    These images made my day. So lovely and inspiring. Thank you, Jose.

  5. Will Duris

    I hope I last that long : )

  6. chris arnold

    Very sweet, an inspiration.

  7. daniel kudish

    can’t help but smile by looking at these.

  8. Lisa

    Awww…. these just made my day!!! My parents have only been married 58 years – slackers! ;-) I wish they wanted beautiful imagery like this to commemorate all the years they’ve been together!

  9. deb schwedhelm

    such an inspiration. amazing photographs, as usual. i am so hiring you for my ‘married XX years’ photographs. just have to figure out which XX i want to do that at. hmmm…next year is eight. maybe ten!! maybe i should book you now ;-)

  10. Laura Ivanova

    Jose, this is just so touching. Your work is amazing as always and you preserved their marriage so beautifully! I just lost my grandpa last week…he and my grandmother had been married 62.5 years, but they’re still married in spirit :-) I would’ve loved pictures like this of them together.

  11. Jenny Haas

    these are beautiful! thank you for sharing..they made me want to smile and cry all at the same time! ;)

  12. emily griffith

    i don’t know how i could ever pick of favorite session of yours, but this is my favorite. beautiful.

  13. Brittany Dawson

    I gasped when I saw the last image.

  14. Betsy

    Wow. So beautiful. The cowboy boots in his hand got me. LOVE!

  15. kate holt

    People CAN stay married and isn’t it a lovely thing? I really like these. It’s a good way to balance all the young love we see daily – and imagine how it will grow over time.

  16. Jeanette LeBlanc

    So beautifully inspirational – both for the photography, and for the love.

  17. Lara Hanlon

    Oh, Jose! Absolutely stunning and so very touching. Definitely the sweetest thing I’ve seen lately – and I needed it! :)

  18. Libby James

    make me smile

  19. Libby James

    makes me smile

  20. Jillian

    That is so touching. I want Scott and I to look that adorable at that age. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Regina White

    Que Bella! Oh! I hope that is me one day with my hubbs. These are fabulous. As always you rock it out with a sensational story.

  22. jessi

    what a cute and inspiring post:) the sweetness of this couple just oozes out through these images. nice work!

  23. Chad Morgan

    I love old peeps. They’re so dang cute. Seriously, I want to squeeze them.

  24. Sylwia

    Their story is so beautiful it almost makes my cry… You’re pictures are beautiful, just as their love is!

  25. Tessa

    So sweet! Lovely, lovely photos

  26. Marissa rodriguez

    Jose this is so beautiful! It’s my parents’ 27th anniversary today and it was just so perfect to come to your site and see this adorable couple. I hope to be able to capture adorable sweet moments such as these for my parents for a long time to come! And by the way, you are SO first on my list for our anniversary pictures next year!

  27. Monty

    So touching. This is what photography is about … timeless and simply beautiful.

  28. Bobbie Brown

    Oh wow! I love this entire post! The pictures are awesome and the fact they have been married for 65 years and built their house – amazing! We need more marriages like that out there… love it!

  29. candace

    Wow. Awe-inspiring. Beautiful images, I love how she still looks at him with eyes full of love. Beautiful.

  30. Drew

    Very touching Jose. I love the outcome of these photos. If your clickr finger still works in 60 years, I want you to photography my wife and I :-)

    Fine how about 30 years?

  31. Tiffany Ckonverse

    So So beautiful…your lighting and simplicity is unmatchable. I, once again, chickened out of a workshop this year but I WILL be there in 2010 if you have one. Beautiful

  32. sandra pan

    just beautiful, love cute old much love btw them. i hope i have such a lasting love..

  33. jennie


  34. Candice Lanning

    this is precious. that’s what love is all about…..

  35. Gemma

    These photos bought tears to my eyes, beautiful story.

  36. tanya king

    So utterly beautiful to see two people on love but so more inspiring when its for 65 YEARS! Gorgeous!

  37. Kirstin @ Weddings Unveiled

    how sweet. they look absolutely amazing and so happy together.

  38. Stephanie Castillo

    Wow that is soo heartfelt.. I love seeing this kind of love! GREAT post Jose! Thanks for sharing!!

  39. Rachel Barker

    Wow, what an inspiration! I am totally calling you on my husband and I’s 65th!

  40. matthew

    this is rad. i want be to be this cool when i’m 65 yrs deep.

  41. jessamyn harris


  42. Ronnie

    Love it.

  43. Jessica Zais

    This makes me happy.

  44. s h e r r y

    Love this! :) Warms my heart. 65 years, and still going strong!

  45. Jennifer Nichols

    So, so beautiful.

  46. Hilary Helton

    So beautiful… I have a huge lump in my throat.

  47. Emily

    These photos are priceless…..and so precious!

  48. pamela


  49. hugh

    this is rad!

  50. Alexandra


  51. Gary Wong

    So sweet and beautiful. Really amazing!

  52. wen

    sooooo lovely ;)

  53. Jeff Ambrose

    amazing jose, 65 years is quite an accomplishment!

  54. Brian khang

    I hope that’s me and Helen someday! These are beautiful!

  55. Susan

    I just love ALL of your photos!! They make me want to just dive into the photo and be there.

  56. Kristin Hartness

    These might be the sweetest photos I have EVER seen. So amazing. What a beautiful thing to love each other after so many years…

  57. erica

    be still my heart. oh how I wish that many years for me and my hubby. almost 15 so far and it’s still new. I love all these images Jose. You , you , you! Wow!

  58. Benita

    Jose, this is so beautiful!!! Your work gets better each time and you never seem to lose your flair and talent along the way no matter what you do and who you do it for! FAB!!!!

  59. Gena Susan

    beautiful. love.

  60. Carebear

    This brings me to tears. Could be the hormones… No really, my grandparents just celebrated 60 years, and my grandfather just found out he has cancer. Randy and I head down to see them for Christmas on Tuesday. We plan to do a family photo session on Christmas Day – I sent this to my mother. Merry Christmas Jose!

  61. Ainjil

    omg. cutest photo shoot ever!!

  62. Carolyn egerszegi

    These images warmed my heart from the inside out Jose. Thank you.

  63. Kristen

    I love this couple…do they want an adopted granddaughter? How did you meet them? They are so scrumptious.

  64. Lizelle lotter

    My jaw is hanging on the floor. I LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE this!

  65. Will Pateman Photography

    nice one my grandparents are celebrating 69 years today…it seems forever

  66. Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

    aaaahhhhh soooo sweeeeet… man this is cute – lovely couple :)

  67. AmyPunky Photography

    Oh my goodness… this is so sweet and romantic!!!!

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  69. Christine cornwell

    Simply beautiful..

  70. teaworthy

    my all time favorite post. So lovely!

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  72. Maya

    If. Only.

    THANK YOU, Jose! They are the most beautiful couple you’ve shot, yet. May we all take a lesson from them. I’m betting they never saw divorce as even an option. They make me think of my parents – even though they have been married “only” 30 years….they are like this pair – happy and in love, vital and enjoying wherever they are. I hope I can have that look, someday…I think I can..

    Oh, yes, also the photographs are beautiful, too ;) No, I kid -you know what a fan I am of your work, as always- was just talking about your workshops to a young Brookie. Thank you for sharing with us, this is supremely romantic and inspirational.

  73. Melody Carpenter

    Simply amazing…love them!

  74. Paige + Blake

    this post makes my heart sing.

  75. vivienne

    wow…these pictures are so inspirational! i hope we end up like that…

  76. Melissa Sweazy

    Wow. You didn’t need the Fuji film to capture their radiance. How beautiful!

  77. Vanessa

    I love your work.
    The last image is the most beautiful, brings a lot of feeling out of my heart.

  78. Andrea mariño

    The sweetest session EVER… srsly, EVEEER… :) :)

  79. Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC

    this is the loveliest. TRUE LOVE.

  80. Tonya Peterson

    This is the most beautiful session I have ever seen. I would kill for pictures of my grandparents like this. Truly beautiful. I love them.

  81. Neil Redfern

    Aww! Exceptional concept and photography.

  82. Simon McConico

    Oh my… these are amazing.

  83. Dave Lynch

    This is one of the coolest series I have ever seen. Absolutely love it. Such an inspiration….Amazing

  84. Abby

    This is just beautiful Thank you.

  85. Nate Henderson

    Jose, this is a wonderful series; thank you for sharing it with us. I also wanted to tell you that your presentation in Nashville was a breath of fresh air. As opposed to many photographers today, I am totally confident that the beauty and love in nearly every one of your images will stand the test of time, rather than a fad that passes in half a decade. So thank you for being an inspiration for the ages. Also, when my wife and I have our 50th anniversary, or 65th if the Lord blesses us with especially long life, we’ll want to hire you.

  86. bridget

    I adore this.

  87. william de oliveira

    Lindo por demais!

  88. Misty

    Wow! These are awesome. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  89. julie h

    such a beautiful couple. the warmth they exude makes me melt. and miss my loving grandparents.

  90. sonja

    What a CUTE CUTE couple! And the pics are just lovely lovely lovely… :-)

  91. David Marshall

    Wow!! You can see the love between them even after 65 years. Awesome!!

  92. Douglas

    This set of photos made my heart smile. The imagery is great,but I can feel their love oozing from them. Amazing.

  93. Brittany D.

    The most inspirational and beautiful shoot and couple I think I’ve ever seen. Made my heart melt! =)

  94. joanne

    This is beyond amazing. So inspiring. Thank you for showing this, it just made my day.

  95. Su

    I have been dreaming of a life like this….this must be what having a soulmate is all about!

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  97. Ashley

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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  99. nadine

    this session is so awesome. good for them!

  100. Kerry Trujillo


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