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Dec 23

Baby Lucca

  1. Alexandra

    Wow. Beautiful shot.

  2. Sara

    Beautiful shot. Beautiful lashes!

  3. denise

    awwwwww…….so sweet!!!!

  4. Jyllian

    Such a beautiful moment Jose=)

Dec 22

Erin and Chris

Erin and Chris traveled to my neck of the woods last month to hang out with me and photograph their engagement session. Erin is the amazing creative behind the most popular Apartment 34 blog.

  1. Geoff Heith

    Gorgeous…the last shot is my fave…love that tree!!

  2. erica adams

    What a gorgeous couple. Have you carved your initials in your favorite tree’s you photograph at :)

  3. Alexandra

    Stunning. Stunning. Stunning. Wow.

  4. sharon from smitten

    your work takes my breath away. you are amazing!

Dec 18

Married 65 Years

It's an inspiration to be photographing these two love birds after 65 years of Marriage. Oh and they built their own home from the bottom up.. like with their own hands!

  1. Victoria

    Beautiful. I hope that’s me in as many years.

  2. C+D

    DUDE. This is by far the sweetest thing i’ve seen all day. No joke, we got a little choked up. :)

  3. Rachel

    Wow. What an inspiration to the enduring joy of love!

  4. Lara

    These images made my day. So lovely and inspiring. Thank you, Jose.

Dec 16

sx-70 polaroids from around here

  1. joel serrato

    LOVE THESE! :)

  2. Cathy and David


  3. Leo Patrone

    These are great Jose!

  4. s h e r r y

    These have such dream like qualities to them!!! I love it.

Dec 4

Megan and Juan – Ahualulco, Mexico

I had a blast capturing Megan and Juan in the heart of Mexico for their 5 yrs. Of love together. Matthew did and incredible job on the styling. He never disappoints. Lacie my assistant did hair and make up.. Go Lacie!

  1. lacie hansen

    love it ! Go you !!!!

  2. Lynn

    These are SO amazing! Every one is gorgeous!

  3. Elizabeth

    Breathtaking!!! such a good looking couple. And how cute is the bow haha!

  4. Melissa Schollaert

    WHOA! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G light! Amazing. Great photos as always!