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Nov 30



    Great work! So your pretty much published in every major Wedding magazine on the rack.

    Great job!

    -Brandon M Sweet

  2. Rob Robertson

    You are amazing! By any chance could I buy you some coffee this week? I am headed down to Santa Barbara in just a few hours and will be there through Friday. You are Mike Larson are my favorite photogs! Wish I still lived in SLO. Anyways, Have a great week!

  3. jenn king


  4. Magnus Bogucki

    great work – you deserve it!

Nov 24

Renee and Chris – Tuscany

Joel Serrato Films was so perfect! Renee is a photographer from Australia and with a great eye it’s no wonder she found this Gem of a place.

  1. Laura Ivanova

    Renee and Chris! They are such a great couple! Beautiful pics Jose!

  2. imthiaz houseman

    oh wow, these are stunning!

  3. Larry Reeves

    Beautiful imagery, Jose! I’m inspired today…

  4. jenny

    Gorgeous location Jose ! good choice !

Nov 23

italy in november light

  1. Kenny Kim

    Hey Jose – once again amazing work. You truly are a one talented photographer! All the best to you. Looks like Italy was an awesome workshop!


  2. SNS

    beautiful as always!

  3. imthiaz houseman

    what beautiful images Jose! what an amazing place to have a workshop.

  4. Chris Arnold

    **Swoon** there is such a lovely quality to film…. you are making me miss it terribly!

Nov 13

Jessica and Adam

  1. Emilie

    The dress is stunning!!!!

  2. Alexandra

    Wow, beautiful! Enjoy Mexico :)

  3. Alisa Greig

    LOVE the rich colors here! look forward to more–so beautiful!

  4. lane dittoe

    love the cake shot, thanks!!

Nov 11

WIN!!!! WIN!!! 2 Instax Mini 7s Cameras


  1. Joel

    Hi! (figured that was a “small” hello)

  2. Marianne Wilson

    Ooo! That was super cool of them to do. What a fun giveaway. Here is my hello, keep on keepin on :)

  3. Caroline fontenot

    hi jose!! you’re amazing. i wanna win x 100!

  4. Jen: JK Photography

    Ciao Jose!! Oh I would LOVE to be the proud owner of one of these amazing little cameras :) I hope you pick me!