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Sep 8

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  1. Teresa

    The more I look at your work, the more I am in awe of it! You are awesome!

  2. amy

    These are wonderful! You are so talented:-)

  3. Bryan Johnson

    Hey Jose!
    This is amazing! What a HUGE honor. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Being that I’m comment # 124 I don’t expect to win but here goes.
    I shot in norway last month for a wedding and I feel so revived about shooting.
    Cheers friend and congrats!

Sep 3

Trish and Joel

  1. Alisa greig

    geez, that’s gorgeous!!

  2. Nicole Wolf

    Heaven! Check out the ones we just posted, you may like;)


  3. Olga

    YOU ARE SO Amazing!!

  4. Endearing Studios

    Your works is always stunning!

Sep 2

My new Nephew – Adrian

  1. wrecklessgirl

    that is the most darling newborn stretch i have ever seen in my life. i can’t stop looking.

  2. Jeremy Dueck

    What a cutie

  3. Brian khang

    Awwwwwwwww….. congrats!!

  4. Emily

    He is beautiful. congratulations.

Aug 31

Christy and Christian

Instead of You, Cinematographer: Joel of Joel Serrarto Films, super 8 film coming next ;) Floral and design: Kathleen Derry

  1. carrie

    Love those peonies and rustic lanterns.

  2. Marissa Rodriguez

    I’m always excited to see your new blog posts! always full of beauty and inspiration, love it!

  3. Mary Beth

    i love your fresh take on the “aisle decor” shot. gorgeous!

  4. Jennifer Eileen

    As always, your work is brilliant. I always gain inspiration from you.

    I was so thankful to hear you speak in my flash class at Brooks back in december of last year. you lite a fire under my belly and i’m ever so thankful for all that you shared in our class.

Aug 18

sx-70 county fair

  1. Garrett Nudd

    These are great, but that first one is especially brilliant. You rock, my friend. YOu rock!

  2. Ainjil

    um….rewind please. I want to be at this fair! In love with these pics….please teach me how to use an holga!!!

  3. Ainjil

    except for these are not on holga……whoah…too much wine for me LOL! I can;t believe you get the shot no matter what camera you have

  4. jonathan canlas

    i almost went here with brion hopkins this last weekend but we went to compton/watts instead :)