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Jun 9

Registration OPEN!! 4 DAY Mexico Workshop Nov. 13-17th, 2011


  1. Julie Blair

    One can dream, can’t one? I am sure it will be amazing.

  2. Michelle Bres

    Si tienes la oportunidad de asistir a este Workshop NO TE LO PIERDAS!!!!!!!!! ES LO MAAAXIMO!!!!

  3. carol

    hi jose!

    what level of experience is needed from the photographers that attend your workshop? i’m curious as to whether only professionals can attend this workshop, or if it’s open to everyone that is interested in photography. secondly, are most people shooting on film or digital at this workshop? at the moment i use a nikon d700 and only a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

    thanks, i really appreciate your artistry!


  4. Karine Ardault

    oh… I really wish I could go but flying from Tanzania to Mexico is so expensive. So sad….

Jun 9

4 day Mexico Workshop, November 13-17th, 2011

jose villa mexico workshop 2010 from joel serrato on Vimeo.

We had the best class this last year in Mexico, its amazing how much we all get to know each other and become friends.. really is my favorite part. A HUGE thank you to the talent who really helped make this the best year yet! Jill La Fleur, Amy of Wedding Chicks, Joel Serrato, Master painter Karina Puente, Bill of Richard Photo Lab and Mar of Team Hair and Makeup for guest speaking. And to the amazing Joy Thigpen for the stunning design, floral and styling along side Joy was Mar who did hair and makeup.

  1. Rusty_tripod

    So desirable but so out of my financial range at this time. Maybe next year.

  2. jacin {lovely little details}

    gorgeous!!! each image is just perfect.

  3. Ricki Ford

    I will make a workshop of yours looks like a lot of fun. I love the video!

  4. athena plichta

    gorgeous as always, jose! so your 2011 workshop is nov. 13-17?

Jun 7


  1. stephanie rita

    beautiful. amelia, and your photos.

  2. Jaime

    Stunning! You are so very talented!

  3. Ava Martinez

    this post touches my heart. My daughter’s name is Amelia. Beautiful girl, and beautiful photos. You’ve captured her in a sweet, innocent way!

  4. Alci

    This is amazing.. Beautiful photos. Wish you update more often. I really really enjoy your work!

Jun 6

Mireen and Markus – A South of France engagement

Joel Serrato and I to shoot their wedding in CA this August and even more thrilled when they invited us to hang out with them in the South of France and shoot their engagement session while we were there.

  1. Wendy G

    These are just so sweet. I love the location, their outfits, and how relaxed and peaceful they look. Great job José!

  2. alyda

    wow, so beautiful. the couple & the location.

  3. Josh Elliott

    love it Jose!

  4. daniel stark photography

    wow–absolutely breathtaking.

Jun 1

KT and Chad – Lake Tahoe Wedding

  1. Corey

    Jose, everything and everytime its always consistent and on point man Your work takes me away I love it!!!

  2. Punam

    Well. That is just absurdly gorgeous.

  3. Will Duris

    Wonderful work Jose. Love it!

  4. kate hood

    beautiful. i don’t think you beat a barn wedding…or a bride and groom sneaking some post nuptial love in a red pick up!