Dec 23, 2009

Baby Lucca

  1. Alexandra

    Wow. Beautiful shot.

  2. Sara

    Beautiful shot. Beautiful lashes!

  3. denise

    awwwwww…….so sweet!!!!

  4. Jyllian

    Such a beautiful moment Jose=)

  5. Harmony Loves

    This is heaven!

  6. s h e r r y

    Adorable. That baby’s got the longest eyelashes EVER.

  7. samantha vanderlist

    Oh, My Goodness. I want to kiss those wonderful cheeks. Beautiful.

  8. Carrie Roseman

    Baby love…sweet baby love…ahmazing moment

  9. Jodi


  10. annabella brandon

    what a cute kid. i love the simplicity of the photos just beautiful.

  11. erica

    makes me wanna pray a little harder for God to bless me with another baby just so you can photograph them…….love these jose, her lips are almost as lush as true’s :)
    true’s mama

  12. trish

    Oh wow, Jose you should definitely post up more bubbalicious piccies like these. Love love love.

  13. Ryan - You Look Nice Today Photo

    These are wonderful Jose. Is that 800z? Love the reds in it.

  14. Renee

    i LOVE the last photo hehe :) you captured what alot of other photographer do not, drool..and babys have lots of it. very precious…i want to kiss those little cheeks!

  15. Melinda Bunker

    These are just so precious! Love them all Jose! :)

  16. Simone

    the most gorgeous baby everrr captured with the most gorgeous, honest photos ever. sigh. love them, jose!

  17. ezra marcos

    Aren’t these shoots the best! Very nice…moments frozen in time forever…and being that I’m a father, I know the parents will cherish these fotos forever! Well done!

  18. s h e r r y

    Sooo cute with her curly toes. The last photo is pretty amazing too! :)

  19. Jon S6 Photogrpahy


  20. Beata Pezzeminti

    So simple/organic and BEYOND beautiful and inspiring……..

  21. Ava Martinez

    so sweet. My favorite shot is the last! priceless!

  22. jenberry

    is there nothing you can’t do? wow.

  23. jose villa

    ryan, for the color i used 400 pro-h and for the black and white i used all 1600 neopan films, thanks for the kind words all :)

  24. nicole

    I love it. wow.

  25. Mireen Kierzek


  26. Tiffany Ckonverse

    to. die. for! The blk and white reminds me of 3200 film pushed. Love it! Does you camera shoot square like the hassleblad??
    I love your work.

  27. samantha

    these are awesome! Lucca is such a beautiful name.

  28. Jeanette

    Absolutely gorgeous, I just love the last shot!

  29. jose villa

    Tiffany – My cameras are 35mm and medium format 645, not square :) although I do LOVE the Hassleblad.

  30. Neil Redfern

    Absolutely beautiful, Jose!

  31. Becka @Studio222

    I adore these!

  32. bailey

    Wow, these are precious! Do you use a light meter to get your exposure dead on? How are you able to capture these colors so precisely?!?!

  33. Patti Wallington

    Your pictures are stunning, every shot is wonderful. Each picture is an individual tribute to beautiful child. I love looking at your work!!

  34. Jenny

    LOVE the last shot ! Great capture !

  35. Alex - Suffolk Wedding Photographer

    Hi there!

    You have some great pictures up on this blog – thanks for sharing them with us. Glad to see you love the Blad too – I’d be lost without my 500c :D


  36. steve

    Beautiful… children are precious gifts..

    The last shot is almost the same as one I took about 5 months back! How perculiar!

  37. Jason Grubb

    The drool is classic!

  38. carly mccray

    Lucca is a whole lot of adorable chub…gorgeous work per usual, Jose. And in the words of Anchorman, “I love lamp” too. I need to find that for my bebes’ nursery! :)

  39. Deyla Huss Photography

    So sweet!! I seriously ADORE the last pic with the drool, ADORABLE!!!

  40. Nathan

    Beautiful black & whites! I notice they aren’t very contrasty. Do you overexpose the film like you do with the 400H as well?

  41. evelyn

    to die for! adorable.

    ps. last one make me smile a lot :D


  42. Briana

    What a little doll! I absolutely melted at the first straight on shot of her. And the drool…my legs are officially puddles.

  43. melissa


  44. heather

    i agree! most beautiful baby EVER! (i might be a little biased considering i’m lucca’s mom) thanks for the great work jose!

  45. jeff highiet

    The next Gerber baby. Like, right now!

  46. jeff highiet

    The drool is the best. The next Gerber baby. Like, right now!

  47. Ashley (almost) Pizzuti


  48. Jeanette Igarashi

    Precious. Just precious. She’s beautiful.


    Sooooo precious!

  50. Tim May

    What perfect little feet. Beautiful

  51. Carebear

    The applique lamp has inspired me. I wonder if that was a DIY project…? Lovely pics!

  52. Olivia Anh-Chi Huynh

    Jose…your baby portfolio is just so breathtaking. These pictures are incredibly precious and really capture the beauty and innocence of childhood, while still looking fresh and modern. I’m constantly amazed by your work. *sigh*

  53. Cynthia from Photogs United!

    This is such a sweet post! Beautiful! :)

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  55. Hilary Cam

    These pictures are just over flowing with sweetness and love. What a beautiful baby!