Dec 22, 2009

Erin and Chris

Apartment 34 blog.

  1. Geoff Heith

    Gorgeous…the last shot is my fave…love that tree!!

  2. erica adams

    What a gorgeous couple. Have you carved your initials in your favorite tree’s you photograph at :)

  3. Alexandra

    Stunning. Stunning. Stunning. Wow.

  4. sharon from smitten

    your work takes my breath away. you are amazing!

  5. Terrah

    Wow. And love that tree!

  6. Rachel

    stunning!! that last shot with the tree, and the perfect sun…unbelievably amazing. that needs to be printed huge!

  7. William Massey

    Amazing. Your work just gets better and better.

  8. s h e r r y

    Gorgeous light, and the setting is fabulous!

  9. Karine Ardault

    gorgeous. the 4th photo is my favorite.

  10. Erin

    Too much fun. Can we do it again?!

  11. Jessica Kempen

    Lovely photos- has such a nice relaxed atmosphere. Gives me the feeling of an old love that is strong as the first day of realization. :)

  12. Rachel Jacobus

    GORGEOUS! I wish the midwest had locations as beautiful as SoCal does!!

  13. Jeff Starbuck

    Always amazing……….. that last shot is timeless!

  14. David

    That tree is amazing man. Out of this world.

  15. Will Pateman Photography

    fantastic photography love that last image the best

  16. Kyle

    Awesome work, Jose! It’s been a pleasure viewing your work from this side of the screen! :)

  17. Sarah

    For starters – Jose- looking at your pictures always makes me feel so ‘dreamy’! Your work is incredible!

    Erin – maybe strange to ask this – but I’ve love your grey dress! Would you mind sharing where you found this or who makes it?? Congrats to you and Chris! Such an exciting time of life!!

  18. Olivia

    These are really great! That tree is crazy!

  19. brian

    great pics. always good work. keep it up!!

  20. Julie

    Where is this?

  21. jose villa


    this is in los olivos, ca amazing huh?

  22. Kat Speyer

    That tree is wicked! I love it!!

  23. Hilary Cam

    Beautiful pics! I just am in love with that last shot, that tree is just so beautiful!