Jul 13, 2011

Havana, Cuba

Joel gifted to me for my 30th this year. All were shot on Fuji film and processed and scanned at Richard Photo Lab.

  1. Evan G

    Gosh these are gorgeous.

  2. Karine Ardault


  3. Joshua

    I always wait for your new post. Always worth waiting.

  4. Katarina Souto Mera

    beautiful colours as always, …I am melting over your pics, well done!!

  5. Kelsey Gerhard

    The colors are sunbleached and gorgeous. Love your Cuba photographs, Jose!

  6. Kurt

    I can’t believe how much is going on in that middle picture. So many buildings, so many colors and what you don’t see, so many people going about their day. love it.

  7. A Girl and A Camera Photography


  8. carol

    i love your color palette! is it just the place you were taking the photos, or does everyone just drive old-school cars like that in cuba?

  9. Rob Oresteen

    Gotta love the old car with the new rims! Great color and eye as always…

  10. Kaylee Labor

    Beautiful!! The colors are seriously untouchable. And the amount of traveling you do… want to switch lives? Just for a few expeditions?

  11. Sansaara

    Love that you’re showing off more “personal” work…just as beautiful as the work you get paid to do :-)

  12. lane dittoe

    first image is so beautiful! ! and p.s Sharkee is coming for you :) lol

  13. [ b ]


  14. Allison

    Your work is amazing!

  15. Christy

    Beautiful shots! Makes me wanna go!

  16. Stephanie Koo

    beautiful colors..

  17. Daniel Stark Photography

    amazing images, jose. beautiful

  18. Dave W

    Dude…just so amazingly good. I don’t know what else to say.

  19. Liz S

    Wow wow WOW! Without words.

  20. Evan G


  21. sherry


  22. bodascf

    Wwwoooowww increíbles imágenes de Cuba. Espectacular el tratamiento del color.

  23. Peter Mercado

    Wow, amazing.

  24. Simon Clarke

    Your work is beautiful FACT!

  25. Crucodile

    simply stunning !

  26. Manu Cruz

    Maravilloas y evocadoras imágenes …bonita atmosfera.

  27. Yulia Ulyanova

    in your photos a lot of love.
    love for people. love for life.
    it is wonderful. Thank you.

  28. Heidi

    such amazing colors…… perfection, across the board!

  29. Jyllian

    So, so beautiful Jose! Thank you for sharing. :)

  30. Jeremy Harwell

    There is such emotional depth to these images! The faces of the kids, priceless!!
    Imagenes muy bonita!!

  31. matt haines

    A panoramic camera seems like an odd choice for portraits, at least in theory. I love that you’ve tried it and it looks great!

  32. Madeline

    These are perfect. In every way. Thanks for the momentary escapism :)

  33. Kristina Dimse Azab


  34. Caroline Lima

    So beautiful!!!! Really inspiring!

  35. Marthie

    the photos are gorgeous! You truly captured pieces of beauty!

  36. Ashley

    So Beautiful!!

  37. Rebecca Goddard

    These images are absolutely stunning….. beautiful tones, capturing the real essence of Cuba!

  38. Jennifer Wilson

    Jose, I love viewing your work and it inspires me to pick up my film camera again. Thank you for sharing!

  39. Kris

    wonderful photos more please! you must be having an exquisite time! your perception and palette is beautiful.

  40. lynn daly

    The portrait of the boys is unbelievable! Thank you for sharing.

  41. fer juaristi

    In love.

  42. thaoski

    absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

  43. Matthew

    You are amazing Jose.

  44. todd hunter mcgaw

    woh baby.. i’m speechless… i am without speech!

  45. Donna Marshall

    Amazing composition and beautifully “seen” – mind blowingly gorgeous!

  46. Eleanor Gannon

    Your photos inspire, delight and make me smile.

  47. Samm Blake

    Wow…so beautiful Jose…the way you see the world is so beautiful..I love every single image. You..your vision and heart.. is truly remarkable xoxo

  48. Adeline

    I love you Jose, for these images, for everything you do. Viva Cuba Libre!

  49. Dan O'Day

    exactly what samm said + 1

  50. Christine

    exactly what samm said + 2. (you’re incredible.)

  51. john benavente

    exactly what samm, dan, pobke said +a million.

  52. Kina

    Wow… you must publish a book of Cuba images someday…

  53. Simone

    These are just so so so gorgeous. Ahhh!

  54. amanda

    words can never say enough about your work.
    we all need more jose in our lives.

  55. Gary Wong

    Cuba and Mexico are both my “must go before I die places!!!”. Love your works as always!

  56. Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC

    you are one of the best artists of our times

  57. Sophie Delaveau

    Textures and colors, people and joy, … Beautiful Jose !

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  59. Kim

    Love the colours, the people!

  60. Sachin Khona

    Beautiful Jose. Love this..

  61. Jen

    Love love…. So beautiful!!!

  62. kim james

    I love every single image, AND I want to go to CUBA.

  63. meg manion silliker

    breathtaking. every single image. i adore the “people” shots. best kind of image.

  64. Gaby Fuentes

    These are gorgeous Jose…. I’m thorn between these set of images, and the ones you published before.

  65. Orlando Padilla

    Qué hermoso es Cuba, ojalá algún día pueda visitar.

  66. Diana

    gorgeous photos as always! These especially are quite beautiful :)

  67. Suzanne Gordan

    I love the colors and how you always tell a story with your work. ♥

  68. john kerry-williams

    A sublime set of images worthy of exhibition. Sure, the kit and film help the ‘look’ – but no kit or film can ever capture the art of composition, balance and timing which pretty much every one of these photographs possess in bucketfuls as a result of your innate skill. Well done that man. – JKW, UK

  69. PJ Photos


  70. James Christianson


  71. Bri Grill

    High five through the computer!

  72. Chantal

    Breathtaking and inspiring work jose. You make Cuba look like heaven!!

  73. Shanda Hudson

    Wow! You truly captured the beauty of the town and the essence of the people! Stunning and inspiring!!!

  74. Ashley Goodwin

    Every shot here moves my heart. You can see through the people’s eyes that they were comfortable with your presence, which created some honest portraits!

  75. stephanie

    wow!!!! these are so freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. nate henderson

    I think a book on Havana should be in the works for you. Not sure if you’ve thought of that or have any plans, but after all the other havana shots you’ve featured…plus these, it would be killer. Just saying.

  77. Urban Jungle Fashion

    You have a true gift. I’m in love with your work. I’m loving the sublime use of pastel color in all the photos.

  78. Alessandro Giraldi

    O love your work José!! Very nice use of DOF and the tones are awesome!! Great to see film shooters!!

  79. s h e r r y

    Amazing. I really enjoy looking at your personal work. Love the pastel colours & all the details.

  80. Danonino

    Beautiful! But I wonder, who is Joel? ;)

  81. Sally Watts

    These are really beautiful. The image of the little girl with the pigtails looking down is my favorite, and a perfect example of the magic of film.

  82. Sally Watts

    Yes, yes, a book!
    A Havana book!

  83. Kirstie

    These are simply stunning! I never thought about traveling to Cuba before seeing your photographs and now it is on my must travel to list. I showed my Mum your photographs and now she wants to go on a mother/daughter trip to Cuba together. She remembers being in Havana with her parents when she was a little girl and your photographs have inspired wanting to rediscover it 50 years later.

  84. Judie

    Wow, I am at a loss for words! These photos are simply amazing!

  85. isy

    Eres pateticamente tan buenaaaaaaaaaa hasta de la destruccion sacas belleza esas caras de ingenuidad y bonanza no las hayyyyyyyyyyy donde existe mucho mas,es genialllll

  86. Mayra

    Absolutely beautiful!

  87. Amber BIshop

    I love Cuba and am in love with all of these images. I just adore film.

  88. julianne erkenbrecher

    there is a Cuba – film photography exhibit at The Getty right now. please go check it out! you’d love it.

    great work :)

  89. Michelle Stone

    I am in love with these.

  90. orange-lemur studio

    Amazing photos …

  91. Fredric

    Wow, amazing pics!!

  92. Tobin

    Really lovely, Jose. Thank you for your vision and your authenticity.
    A Fellow photographer,

  93. Caroline

    wow, these are just completely stunning!

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  95. Candace Allan

    I wish i could just follow Jose Villa all day long and watch his genius unfold, your work is incredible, the compositions are beyond me…..LOVE!

  96. andy green

    beautiful set of pics, great adventures :)

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  99. Lynze Ballay

    Jose – What license did you get to travel to Cuba? Any people 2 people program recommendations for those of us looking to make the trip? xo

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