Dec 4, 2009

Megan and Juan – Ahualulco, Mexico

Matthew did and incredible job on the styling. He never disappoints. Lacie my assistant did hair and make up.. Go Lacie!

  1. lacie hansen

    love it ! Go you !!!!

  2. Lynn

    These are SO amazing! Every one is gorgeous!

  3. Elizabeth

    Breathtaking!!! such a good looking couple. And how cute is the bow haha!

  4. Melissa Schollaert

    WHOA! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G light! Amazing. Great photos as always!

  5. SNS

    awesome set! do you always bring a make up and stylist along for shoots?

  6. sandra pan

    love it!

  7. Geoff Heith

    Love the bow tie…awesome!

  8. Jenn

    so playful, innocent, fun…you’ve captured such a great atmosphere through these images…i love them all, amazing work!

  9. Curtis Moore

    Very awesome! Such yummy skin tones!!

  10. s h e r r y

    Fabulous photos!! I love all the colours, and I simply MUST know where she got her hair flower? I love it so much…

  11. Jeremy Harwell


    Just when one thinks it can’t get any better,
    you do it again! Amazing composition, color & light,
    a feast for the eyes!!! Love them !!

  12. Patricia

    Absolutely amazing. Really – they are stunning!

  13. Sally

    Wow!! These are incredible… love them all!!!

  14. Meg

    Looks like a beautiful, relaxed session!

  15. jose villa

    SNS – More and More my clients are asking for styling and make up. I work work with an amazing team of great people who help make it happen. Matthew is from Nashville and is flown if for the shoots and Mar of TEAM hair and makeup is local here in Santa Barbara. Thanks for the questions, cheers!


  16. Melissa Papaj

    AWESOME! I love the yellow textured wall shots and the piggy back one :) Your work is gorgeous!

  17. miriam

    Jose… I donĀ“t understand!? What are you doing? PLZ tell me.. THIS IS JUST FABULOUS!!! Gosh! could these photos be more amazing??

  18. jenny

    They should frame that black and white photos. all the photos are sooooo good !

  19. imthiaz houseman

    oh Jose…i love how simple and elegant your photography is. you blow my breath away every time i see your work.

  20. kellen Jacob

    Amazing as usual. One of my favorites you’ve done!

  21. Ana

    wow! that first photo took me back to mexico. I swear, for a minute I thought it was my grandma’s front gate. you capture the essence. thanks for taking me back, a least for a little bit.

  22. Meg

    Simply breathtaking!

  23. Erin

    Your assistant does hair and make-up?? We need to talk ;)

  24. jenberry

    for some reason i think Megan is a fun person. Not sure why but maybe it’s because you’ve captured her natural smile the entire time. You have a way of making people seem relaxed. Free. Natural. I think that’s one of your greatest talents (there are many).

  25. Jackie Lamas

    ahh Mexico! I just love being there. The colors, the life in the streets, the glass bottled soda, and the vibrancy of Mexico. Great images they are beautiful!

  26. Akil bennett

    this couple is stylin’! sweet pics man

  27. J'Lynn

    S T U N N I N G!!!!

  28. Stephanie Castillo

    Beautiful couple! Great setting!!

  29. Adrian T.

    Gorgeous as always.

  30. Jennifer {Bridal Inquirer}

    I am dying to know where Megan’s gorgeous slip dress is from??? I must have it! =) These pics are just too beautiful!

  31. Stephanie Stewart

    Wow!!!! So beautiful! Love how you incorporated each detail and aspect of the location in the images. Stunning as always!

  32. Connie Sithi

    I love these photos, Jose! I know you get this a lot, but I really love your work and style. Your pictures are so unbelievably beautiful that I’ve shown so many of my friends who now stalk your work. I love the photos of the little boy laughing with the couple!

  33. Chris

    wow, what a gorgeous couple. Even the horse looks good.

  34. Kat

    Your work just blew me away. I love the simplicity of your shots, the natural color, the use of your surroundings; you capturing the real romance of Mexico. Very honest photography!

  35. Karie McLain

    Jose – You are amazing! These are gorgeous!!

  36. Deyla Huss Photography

    WOW!!!! beautiful photos!

  37. Alicia Swedenborg

    Love the colors! Makes me crave cotton candy. And a lolly-pop. And that’s something good, no great. I looove suger.

  38. Jyllian

    The lighting in Mexico is a dream too! These images are so fun and fabulous Jose. I wish we had horses and bikes at our workshop…LOL=)

  39. Jason Grubb

    Brilliant as always. Perfect light, great moments, simple composition.

  40. jose villa

    miriam – thanks for the note.. im shooting most of these with my medium format.. shooting all fuji 400 pro – h film and over exposing it 1-2 stops. then I have richard photo lab in LA process normal. of course there is a long formula that goes along with it, but take a while to explain :)



  41. William Massey

    Simply breathtaking. You’re a constant inspiration.

  42. Jessica Zais


  43. Brandon Wright

    These colors are fantastic! Very good looking couple!

  44. Natalie

    absolutely STUNNING. the lighting looks great. subtle color contrasts whilst retaining that soft light. freakin’ swooning over this shoot. brilliant.

  45. catherine

    lucky me to get to view such beautiful work every time I visit you. thank you for sharing it.

  46. Alyse

    Absolute perfection! You leave me speechless, yet again!

  47. Simon McConico

    Daaaaang. Love the colors and the styling. Fantastic.

  48. Chantale@labellebride

    Love it. I need to go to mexico after checking out these pics!

  49. Monica Dart

    Jose, these photo’s are just divine! love visiting your blog – fresh and inspiring. xmonica

  50. Lauren Moore

    Beautiful couple and beautiful photographs!

  51. Liliana

    Oh my, I love them all. So fresh. Love is in the air! Jose, you are amazing with the camera.

    In awe,

  52. Kat Speyer

    Stunning. I dream of doing something like this with my sweetheart. :)

  53. Mark Woods

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  54. Winnipeg wedding photographer

    Wow truly inspirational stuff here Jose I’m a big fan