Dec 16, 2009

sx-70 polaroids from around here

  1. joel serrato

    LOVE THESE! :)

  2. Cathy and David


  3. Leo Patrone

    These are great Jose!

  4. s h e r r y

    These have such dream like qualities to them!!! I love it.

  5. Millie

    Wow, so beautiful. I want one so bad.

  6. Stephanie Castillo

    Beautiful! Very vintage :-)

  7. Jeremy

    yeah, I love them too!


    You are always such an inspiration! :)

  9. Jason Grubb

    Totally cool… love how soft they are.

  10. Rob Robertson

    I almost picked up the sx-70 at Samy’s in SB two weeks ago! This makes me want it that much more!!! B E A U T I F U L

  11. Harmony Loves

    love, love, love! and love some more!!

  12. johnwaire | photo

    awesome series …but i’m really loving that last one jose!

  13. Marcin Rusinowski

    love them all!!!! I’ve just bought specta 1200FF with image softtone film – love it. Jose, what film have you used ?

  14. joey seawell

    love the one of the hills in the distance!

  15. shawn

    beautiful, wonderful, inspiring.

  16. imthiaz houseman

    so vintage…i love them!

  17. Nate at Open Light Studio

    Jose, thank you for sharing this; I love the fact that you took the time out to enjoy the fresh air, and now I get to appreciate your sense of seeing through the images. Such a gorgeous aesthetic. Thank you.

  18. Chad Morgan

    Jose, rumors are circulating that you are taking performance-enhancing drugs. That’s just downright disgraceful.

  19. jose villa

    chad, ha ha you crack me up..


  20. Ulmer Studios

    Love it…makes me want one even more than I had before! Wish mine was working that I have!

  21. Alexandra

    Wow. Sooo beautiful!

  22. Richard Israel

    Beautiful Jose, nothing like the real thing

  23. Karine

    isn’t the sx-70 refreshing?

  24. Alexander Vannoy

    Every single one of these is amazing! It’s hard to pick a fav. I just purchased my first sx-70 and I’m now in the process of finding film…have any ideas on where to look? Thanks.

  25. jose villa

    alexander, yes go to so find some called TZ Artistic

  26. carlene miranda

    hey i was wondering how you got this effect? is it becasue you exposed it to the sun while the image was comng up?